Article: 2013 Executive search outlook becoming brighter in the Americas (Source: AESC)

The 2013 Executive Search Industry Outlook Report just released by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) shows that half of global executive search consultants hold a neutral outlook for the executive search business in 2013. The remaining 29% of search consultants feel optimistic, sharing a positive outlook, while the minority (22%), harbor a negative view for 2013.

The regional breakdown of the findings highlight an alternative picture for EMEA, which includes a greater number of consultants (31%) holding a negative outlook for 2013 and only 17% feeling positive about the industry in 2013. Comparatively, consultants based in the Americas and in Asia Pacific expect a stronger search industry in 2013, with a 38% positive outlook in the Americas and a 32% positive outlook in Asia Pacific.

AESC President, Peter Felix, commented: “Our 2013 outlook report is understandably reflective of the general economic and political conditions prevailing in different parts of the globe. In the US, the largest market for executive search in the world, in spite of the political uncertainty of the past few months there is no doubt that the economy is on the mend and that organizations are again recognizing the crucial need of finding top talent in a market where there is still a talent shortage. Europe offers the most cause for concern with the previously strong German market slowing down and the Latin countries–France, Italy and Spain–continuing to suffer from the Euro zone crisis and the pessimism which it has generated. All in all, the 2013 outlook for the worldwide executive search profession is very mixed. However, with overall revenues continuing at levels not far from their peak in 2008, the industry has reason to be optimistic for the longer term moving into 2014 and beyond.”

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